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Case Study: How I helped Canine Decoded beat their online course launch goal by 300%

Updated: Apr 30

PLUS achieve a 29.7% conversion rate and eliminate sales calls in their live launch

The Client: Canine Decoded

Canine Decoded is an empathy and expertise-driven online dog training business run by Dr. Melanie Uhde, a neuroscience and immunology expert.

They help dog owners and professionals improve aggression, reactivity, and fear in their dogs, so they can rebuild that magic dog-human bond.

The work Melanie does changes lives and helps people live in harmony with their dogs while overcoming challenging behaviors, through 1:1 coaching online courses, and group coaching programs.

The Goals

Our goal was to hit $10k in revenue from selling 10 spots for Never Alone, a brand new 8-week live coaching program for people with reactive, aggressive, and fearful dogs.

We wanted all the sales to come directly from the emails and sales page, so Melanie didn’t have to hop on endless sales calls.

The secondary goal was to ensure all the spots were filled by perfect-fit clients who would show up, do the work, and achieve amazing results.

This was Melanie’s first big product launch so she wanted support through the strategy, tech recommendations, and guidance to make the whole process easier.

And finally, she wanted to use the copy in an evergreen funnel that would continue to bring in sales on autopilot.

Result Highlights

  • Hit $30k in revenue, smashing the sales goal by 300%

  • She doubled her expected enrolments, without having to hop on sales calls

  • Able to spend time crafting the course curriculum while the copy converted on autopilot

  • Didn’t waste time overthinking the strategy, tech, or launch timeline because it was all laid out for her.

  • Started making sales in her sleep after converting the best-performing launch copy into an evergreen funnel.


How we got there

The Challenges:

1. The audience is sceptical, after so many other online programs overpromise and underdeliver, which means the copy had to work hard to build trust

2. Melanie’s first product launch so she needed support with the strategy and tech suggestions to ensure everything ran as smoothly as possible

3. Melanie only has limited capacity for sales calls, so we needed to make sure the copy did all the heavy lifting.

4. Melanie hadn’t been regularly emailing her list so although it was a good size, we needed to re-engage them before we could successfully sell to them.

The solutions + strategy

To help future students understand the value of the program, Nikki had to understand the value first. How?

  • Speaking to former and current students of Canine Decoded to understand what other solutions they’d tried and what didn’t work. I also needed to understand and empathize with their difficult situations, caused by a challenging relationship with their dog.

  • Speaking to Melanie to understand the offer and the intended transformation, so we could position it in the most valuable way

  • Digging through survey data from before and after Melanie’s other training programs to see what people wanted to get out of the program vs what they actually got out of the program

  • Looking at the common questions and problems people in her Facebook Group group were facing so we could understand why people may pay for additional support

To ensure people had enough reason to trust Melanie and make an informed buying decision, Nikki had to craft targeting messages for the sales page and emails that built trust and beat objections.

  • Using the data from the research phase, Nikki was able to understand what people needed to believe about themselves and about Melanie, before they’d consider spending this much money on an online program, what potential objections they may have and the most urgent problems they were facing.

  • Nikki plotted the sales page and email sequence based on this information used this to plan ideas for webinar content and a script that would lead people into the program. Having empathy-driven copy would also ensure Melanie didn’t need to get on too many sales calls.

To re-engage the email list and gauge interest for the program, Nikki also proposed and executed a re-engagement and waitlist strategy so we could warm up Melanie’s audience and understand demand for the new program, before the live launch.

The results:

  • 120 signed up for the webinar and 47 people on the waitlist for the program

  • Generated $30k in revenue - 300% above the goal of $10k!

  • Already has a waitlist of interested people for the next round

  • Re-engaged email list and now has an excited audience again

  • 29.7% conversion rate from the waitlist to purchase. And several people who weren’t ready this time but will invest next year.

  • Making sales on autopilot with the evergreen webinar funnel we set up

What Melanie said about working with Nikki:

“I had a big launch coming up, which by itself required all my brain power. So I decided that if I had to invest in something, it would be a copywriter.

[Nikki’s] unique way of juggling words while capturing her reader’s attention… worked on me too 😀

I didn't know if I would even make one sale given that this was my first product launch purely based on marketing.

Before I was heavily relying on sales calls. So this was a proof of concept for me and I doubled the number of enrolments I thought was minimum.

Besides, I've gotten incredible feedback on my well structured emails and marketing presence. People assumed, just by seeing the professional tone garnished with fun and empathy in my marketing material, that this is going to be a hit. And the ones who didn't enroll emailed me saying they will next year because it all sounds great.

I didn't have specific expectations but I got everything I hoped for. And that doesn't happen often. In my experience, people overpromise and underdeliver a lot. [Nikki] promised exactly what she’s capable of and delivered.”

- Dr Melanie Uhde, Founder, Canine Educator, and Head Behaviorist at Canine Decoded, IG: @caninedecoded


You deserve to work with a launch copywriter + strategist who does the hard work so you can be as confident in the results as possible.

And your clients deserve to have your full attention and energy during your launch - which isn’t going to happen if you do it all yourself!

If you’re a coach, course creator or service provider with an upcoming launch looming, I’d love to hear from you.

P.S. By applying, you won’t have to hop on a sales call and you won’t have to commit to working with me!

I work with people I genuinely feel I can help get an ROI and I’ll be totally upfront about what’s possible before we get going.

Want a cheerleader and strategic partner for your next launch? I have limited space for 1:1 clients and I’d love to hear from you!

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