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Case Study: How I helped Lifehack Method make an extra $66k in 1 month. Without Social Media.

Demir + Carey are productivity coaches and membership owners on a mission to show professionals and entrepreneurs how to perform at the highest level, and get back to enjoying their lives (without burning out).

They’ve helped 50,000+ people to achieve peak productivity and radically change their lives, through their Lifehack Tribe membership, Lifehack Bootcamp group coaching program, and a series of standalone courses.

The project goals

The overarching goal was to help more people benefit from Demir + Carey’s teaching, without them having to do it all live, and all themselves.

They were about to have their 2nd baby and wanted to ensure they could maintain their work/life balance during this big life event.

  • They wanted to provide more 1:1 coaching support to their members, without adding more to their own calendars.

  • They planned to launch a new high-ticket 1:1 coaching package as an add-on to their current membership, by introducing bookings with their other membership coaches. Expected sales: $21,600

  • They also have a series of standalone courses and wanted to run a Black Friday promotion on these, to increase sales and provide additional support to their community. Expected sales: $20,000

The result highlights

  • We more than sold out the 1:1 coaching, opening up additional spots with 2 of the coaches so everyone who wanted support had access.

Total sales: $29,550 with a sales page conversion rate of 7%

  • We nearly doubled the expected sales for the Black Friday promotion, bringing in total sales of $36,196. (While Carey was in hospital having her 2nd baby!!)

  • Both promotions went down entirely over email with links to a sales page. They did no additional selling on social media so all the sales conversions were a result of the strategy and sales copy written by Nikki

  • Demir + Carey were able to help 24 Lifehack Tribe members to achieve more in their membership with 1:1 support, without adding more coaching calls to their own calendars.

  • They were able to spend time as a family, while the promotions were running and converting for them.

Not only did Nikki help us launch our first 1:1 offer in many years (and surpass our sales goals!) but we crushed our Black Friday promotion too - this was the best result we’d had all year on promoting our standalone courses! We’re so happy.”

- Carey Bentley, CEO of Lifehack Method


How we got there

The challenges

1. Lifehack Tribe members were requesting options to book 1:1 coaching sessions but Demir + Carey only have limited hours in a day. They wanted to provide 1:1 support without packing their calendars, so launched a coaching package with the other coaches in their membership.

2. Carey had planned to sell bundles of their standalone courses for Black Friday but tech challenges and a short deadline meant we had to run a different promotion instead. We wanted to make at least $20,000 of sales, with an offer that wasn’t fully optimized for success, during a crazy sales period like BF/CM.

The solutions + strategy

1. Strategize + write emails and sales page copy to launch + sell out a brand new, high-ticket 1:1 coaching package, without promoting on social media.

2. Strategize + write a Black Friday email campaign and landing page that would be powerful enough to sell an unoptimized offer during one of the busiest sales periods of the year.

Nikki’s 2 priorities for the launch of the 1:1 coaching program were:

  • To understand the challenges + desires of current members of Lifehack Tribe

  • To provide enough info on the sales page and emails to sell out the offer and test how much interest there was for it

As they were launching a brand new offer, Nikki wanted to understand the current members of Lifehack Tribe, Demir + Carey’s membership, and how valuable additional 1:1 support would be.

Nikki started by running customer interviews with Lifehack Tribe members who had worked with the coaches on a 1:1 basis, to understand how that coaching had helped them on their productivity journey.

Using her findings, Nikki was able to understand what challenges were holding members back, why they might need additional support to implement the membership material, and specific transformations they were seeking from the membership.

Those insights helped shape the messaging for the sales page and sales emails, so people could understand whether they needed 1:1 support and how the coaches could help them.

Nikki’s 2 priorities For the Black Friday campaign:

  • Planning + writing sales copy that would empower and encourage people on their email list to purchase these standalone courses, even when they were being bombarded by offers from every industry.

  • To sell ethically, without using fake urgency or scarcity to pressure people into buying. We only wanted people to spend money if these courses were truly going to help them

Nikki dived into customer feedback for each of the individual courses to understand how they helped transform people’s lives. Understanding the benefits of each course and seeing the high success rates made it easy to demonstrate the positive impact these courses would have on people who purchased.

Using these benefits and transformations as a positive angle, plus the discounted price, Nikki crafted an email sequence and landing page that was compelling and empowered people to make the right buying decision for them.

She also tapped into the fact that many companies have started to run Black Friday promotions for 1 week or more and used this to do something different. The promotion ran for 24 hours only, with an additional opportunity for a select few people who expressed interest to purchase on Cyber Monday.

There were no extensions to the sale for other people on their email list and no last-minute discounts or scarcity tactics used, to ensure the courses were sold with integrity.

The results

We (more than) sold out the 1:1 coaching program and nearly 2x-d the sales goal for the Black Friday promotion, resulting in an extra $66k for Lifehack Method, on top of their membership sales.

As a result -

👉 they’ve helped 372 people in their community to achieve greater levels of productivity.

👉 they were able to take time off during these promotions as they brought baby #2 into the world.

👉 they successfully launched a brand new offer and know they have product-market fit to relaunch this again in the future.

👉 they saved hours of time strategizing and writing their own copy for 2 promotions, enabling them to deliver amazing service to existing members and coaching clients, plus successfully manage their fully remote team.

👉 they were able to get excited about the promotions because outsourcing everything reduced stress around “doing it all” and meant they had a fresh perspective on things.

👉 they gained strategic insights on other areas of their business and client journey which will make future promotions easier and more successful


“I paid more to work with Nikki than I have in the past for other copywriters, which always gives me pause since it's hard to know if the results will be good. But the results speak for themselves.

Not only did Nikki help us make an additional $66k in one month but we were able to provide the extra support our community wanted without stress, while we were having our second baby.

The process of working with Nikki has been smooth. She’s fast, responsive and we love some of the new elements she proposed that we've integrated into our process with all our clients. We’ve got so much more than copy but a strategic partner as well!”

Carey Bentley, CEO at Lifehack Method, @demirandcarey


Your business deserves copy that does the selling for you, so you can focus on delivering the best damn service for your clients.

Want strategy + copy that grows your business and helps you impact more people?

I’d love to work with you on your funnel, launch or other promotion.

P.S. I only work with clients I feel I can genuinely help get an ROI from my services.

By applying, you’re not contracted to work with me - we’ll suss out if we’re a good fit first!

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