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Does Your Course,
Group Program or Digital Product
Have 6-figure Potential?

Grab your free Launch Goal Calculator and see how much you could make from your next live launch 👇

Image by Sasun Bughdaryan

Use this free Launch Goal Calculator to:

👉 Set realistic goals for your next live launch. And never let the data scare you off again

👉 Understand the next best step to reach even bigger launch goals

👉 See the extra money you could bring into your biz with one single launch!

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Hey, I'm Nikki Trailor -

And I help coaches, CEOs and consultants make bank with funnels and launches, while they help others live their best damn lives. 


I created this freebie because I believe more female entrepreneurs should know their numbers, so they can change the world with their incredible programs. Without worrying about the data or feeling like they should’ve made more money! (not true)


Launching can be overwhelming but *trust me* it’s worse if you set unrealistic goals. Seen it. Hate it. Don’t want that for you.


I love a challenge so when I step away from the laptop, you’ll see me climbing mountains, moonwalking on my roller skates, or dancing somewhere on a stage in London.

Ready to see your path to a
6-Figure Live Launch?
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