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Hi, I'm Nikki...

A dance enthusiast, budding explorer and passionate copywriter with over 6 years of experience creating written content for travel companies, lifestyle brands and small businesses.

I genuinely enjoy working with businesses to strategise and help them grow with attention-grabbing copy ---- I get to revel in the writing, you get results.



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Home office setup with a laptop

Years of different roles in the luxury travel industry have given me a deep understanding of marketing, sales and business, which I use to create website copy, articles and social media posts that convert, engage and perform. 


Want that sales page to get more click-throughs or for people to spend longer on your website? That’s where I come in.


I take great pride in my work and on top of any projects, I allocate time every day to improving my craft, whether attending courses, bingeing HubSpot articles or reading books on psychology, marketing and sales. 


Yes, I’m a nerd about this stuff (and proud). But it means that you don’t need to be.


You can be confident in getting the results you want, whether you want to increase conversions, engagement or boost your SEO. 


Copywriting achievements


Every website I’ve worked on so far has increased organic click-through rates from Google (90% of websites never get clicked on at all. fact)

Reduced bounce rates from websites by 46% using long-form landing pages and blogs that keep people reading

Increased content interactions on a clients’ social channels by 182% within one week

The last thing you should know about me is that I’m competitive, even with myself. 


I’m on a mission to make these stats more impressive ---- if you could benefit from a copywriter who cares about getting you a higher click-through rate or improving your ranking in Google then I would love to help.