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Hey, I'm Nikki...

Lover of travel, dancing, meeting new people + all things that defy ‘normality’. Whatever the f*ck that is.

My 2 rules in life? 


  1. Do things your way

  2. Don’t be a d*ckhead.

If that vibes with you, we'll get along just fine.


As for writing, that's always been my jam. I’m the friend everyone gets to check that their Tinder profiles sound OK, or to help them write that scary email. 


And I’ll do the same for you with that email sequence or sales page you keep pushing to the bottom of your to-do list.

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I see you, and it's OK! We've all been there.



I’m a nice but no-BS sorta gal. Happy to say it like it is (you came here for honesty, right?) but I’m not gonna make you feel bad about the thing.


We’re all human and that’s what makes us awesome.


In fact, I fully embrace the weird and the nerdy in people.


If you’ve got a passion, I wanna hear about it and help you get it out there. Even better if it’s gonna bring joy to other people.

If you came here for the personality tests, here I am in my full, here-to-be-analyzed glory:

Proudly -

⚡️Projector. Splenic authority, ⅗ - (still learning what that all means.. Open to convos or resources!)

⚡️Enneagram 7w8

⚡️ENFJ-T (But like 54% extraverted so firmly need a rest from socializing sometimes)

P.S. Wanna know what makes me weird? 👇👇👇

Let's get to it...

I'm a rebellious soul who hates getting in trouble.

My mum raised me as a total goodie-two-shoes and despite never wanting to stick to the rules, I always wanted the adults to know I’m good deep down. Validate me, people.

Shhhhhhh.... now you owe me.

Now that we're friends… let’s talk about YOU.


But not the thing that makes you weird.


The thing that makes you a badass and gets you out of bed every day, pumped to go.

I’m talking about your business, silly -- 


👉 The one with the dusty website that needs a ZING of personality so you can stop dreading the moment people click the link


👉 The one with the sales page that’s filled with cliches and filled in template copy that’s just not cutting it any more


👉 The one with the rusty welcome sequence that tells people what you do but doesn’t show them just how incredible you are

Because you are incredible. And your audience needs to know that! 


Let’s show ‘em, shall we?


Apply to work with me here and let’s knock ‘em dead with fresh, personality-packed copy that actually sells your sh*t.

*Cheers to that!*

Nikki's copy really brought my site to the next level and made my life so much easier.

I've gotten so many compliments on how it reads! Would highly recommend Nikki for all your copywriting needs!

- Ali Berry, Graphic Designer

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Still procrastinating?

Hold my poodle... *crosses fingers you get that terrible reference*

Good copy is about more than just making you sound good. Your copy should make you feel good. And it should also take the pressure off your sales calls, email questions and some of the other sh*t you have to deal with as a business owner.


You deserve to be excited to send people to your website or sales page or email list.


You deserve to feel confident that it’s doing the selling for you.


You deserve to have an online presence that you want to celebrate! Clinky clink.


Running a business is f*cking hard but rewarding as hell when it buys you the freedom you wanted.


You didn’t start your business to be burning the midnight oil, crumbs in your hair. 


Let’s turn this sh*t around and give you an online presence that has you skipping to your desk every day because it makes your life easier.


Copywriting achievements


I made one coach $36k in a day. While she was having a baby

Sold out all the spots of a client's high-ticket program and had a $197k launch. Even after they increased the price by $2.5k

Made $2.5k with one email of a client's low-ticket offer

The last thing you should know about me is that I’m competitive, even with myself. 


I’m on a mission to make these stats more impressive ---- if you could benefit from a copywriter who cares about your ROI, you're in great hands.

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