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Need fresh sales copy that does all the selling for you?

Let’s get your copy locked and loaded, 
floor the competition 

make working with you a no-brainer

All in under a week.


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There’s a million things to do when you’re scaling, launching, and running
an online business without writing your own damn copy.

But you’re ready to start getting eyes on your offer and you needed that copy yesterday… 

The good news is – You don’t need to do it all yourself. And you don’t need to wait 3 months for a copywriter to do it either.


Instead of hopping on Upwork and jumping at the first person that seems legit..

You need a copywriter who keeps her schedule clear for people like you.

Who thrives under deadlines and only works with one client at a time so she can FOCUS on getting sh*t done for you.

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Welcome to

The One-Week Copy Shop.

Where each piece of copy is executed and delivered in 1 week or less (including revisions). So you can start seeing that impact on your bank account and your clients can start enjoying the transformations you deliver. ASAP.


Choose from:

  • Course, Coaching Program or Service Sales Page

  • Welcome Email Sequence

  • Launch or Pre-Launch Email Sequence

  • Evergreen Sales Funnel Sequence

  • Webinar Opt-In Page, Thank You Page, Invite + Reminder Sequence

And if you need more than one of these, we can add another day and you get a discount ;)

How does it work?

Choose your project date at the scheduler below and fill out a few quick details, then keep an eye on your inbox for the contract and invoice to confirm your booking. 

You'll get a checklist of everything I need from you before we start and all the details about the process.

Step 1

You're free to chill and get back to business while I get to work - my brain fully on your business.

Your first draft is delivered before Thursday and you'll have chance to get edits back to me by the next day.

Step 3

It's kick off time! I'll dive deep into everything you've sent me on your business, customers, and offers so I can make a strategy that'll get your copy to connect + convert.

We'll have a 60 min call on the Monday of your project week so I can get to know your biz + goals.

Step 2

You'll get your mitts on your final copy by the end of the day Friday.

Time to put some tunes on and celebrate the heck out of it - we made it!

Step 4

One VIP week project is a $3,000 USD investment.

Discounts available for multiple deliverables

"Nikki’s copywriting skills have proven to be invaluable ... Her speed, enthusiasm and efficiency are outstanding"

Steve Wilson, Founder @ LiNGER Travel

"Trust is a like tough cookie, but Nikki makes it a piece of cake!
She is humble, professional, and connecting with her is so easy!
I can't imagine NOT working with Nikki!"

Christen Joli, Founder @ Patrici Publishing

"I don’t recommend anybody hiring Nikki... because I want her professionalism and flair with the English language all for myself!!"

Marco Joe Fazio, Founder @ MJF Creative Agency

It's more than just copy.
Here's what you get -



You'll have my undivided attention on your biz (I only work on 1 project at a time). I’m all about providing white-glove service - you’ll barely lift a finger (unless it’s raising a celebration margarita to your lips).



Before we start, we'll dive deep into your business, brand and audience to map out the key messages that’ll hit home with your readers and get you to your biz goals.



A fully managed project. You’ll know exactly what’s going on and when so you can relaxxx. Communication is key to the success of all my projects. 



100% bespoke copy that’ll sound like you and connect with your dream clients. No templates, no jargon, and no making sh*t up. It’s research-backed and personality driven.

One VIP week project is a $3,000 USD investment.

Discounts available for multiple deliverables

You know who you are and who you serve. Isn't it time the world knew too? 

You’ve been selling your offers successfully and are ready to take things to the next level.


You need fresh copy that speaks to your next-level clients. That hits home and gets them hangin’ on your every word so they’re ready to click that ‘book’ button. 


You need a cheerleader and a copywriter that *gets* you and your brand so YOU get to reap the rewards AND help more clients in the process.

​One-Week Copy Shop is for you if -

  • You’re an online business owner who’s ready to sell more without relying on sales calls

  • You know you need to level up your messaging but don’t know where to start

  • You're tired of being a bottleneck in your business and you’re ready to get sh*t off your plate (including your copy!)

  • You want research-backed and personality-packed copy with a fast turnaround, without compromising on quality

It’s not for you if -

  • You’re looking for speed over quality - research is baked in because you deserve copy that converts and not a half-assed job

  • You’re not willing to share market research insights with me (if you don’t have any already, I’ll walk you through it or do it for you!)

  • You only care about making money and not about the service you provide - my clients genuinely care about the work they do and the people they help

Book Your One-Week Copy project

Book in at the One-Week Copy Shop using the scheduler and form below.

- Prefer to chat to a human (me, Nikki, hi) before booking? Book a call here first!

- This calendar slot will book your project kick-off call and the project will be completed that same week

- Please note: once you fill out the form and book your appointment, you'll receive an email with instructions to complete your booking. Your booking is only confirmed once you sign the contract and pay the invoice - so keep your eyes peeled on your inbox!

- Can't see a date that works or need multiple deliverables? Send me an email and I'll see what I can do!

Book VIP Week

Real-time feedback from real-life clients 

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Let's be real for a sec...

About Me

We all have a story to share. Here's an opportunity to introduce yourself and tell users about you. You can include a little bit about your professional history, your personal interests, or how this site came to be. Click to edit the text and make it your own.


I’m all about getting you to stand out + reach your sales goals, so YOU can change the world.


Not the “that could be nice” goals but the biggest, wildest fantasies you have...


If you want to impact more people and build your business, you know the fastest way to do that is by hiring a copywriter who wants to see you win. 


You could spend months trying to DIY everything and hoping it’ll convert.


Or you could hand it over to a conversion copywriter who can step into your brand voice and deliver conversion copy that’ll hit a home run. in less than 1 week.


Cheers to that..

I don't just talk the talk

I'm constantly learning and upping my game so your copy is in good hands

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