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Sales page, website or email sequence falling flat?

If you’ve launched the damn thing
but your readers are heading for the exit
before they hit buy…

Something on the page is telling them you’re not the right person for the job 😬

don't shoot the messenger..

It doesn't matter if you’ve followed allll the advice on writing a high-converting sales page, website or email sequence, there’s more to the puzzle than any one-size-fits-all advice can provide.


The longer you leave it, the longer it’s acting like a leaky bucket. And those readers that leave the page probably won’t be rushing back. 

That’s a lotta money being left on the table.


You’ve got one shot to impress ‘em so now’s not the time to leave it to chance.


Even if your copy is fresh outta the Google doc, a second pair of eyes and a clear roadmap on what needs fixing will have you saying sayonara to the tumbleweed and a warm hello to new leads, members, or course students.


Let’s fix that leak, shall we?

Book a copy audit and get my expert eyes on your sales page, website or email sequence and walk away with a roadmap of actions to improve your conversion rate, in priority order. All packaged up in video and checklist format, without any lengthy phone calls - in fact, you stay hands-off through the whole process.


And it’s delivered in less than a week.


The roadmap is designed so you can implement it quickly and put a plug in that leaky bucket once and for all. Maximum impact for your business with minimum effort from you. Huzzah. 🥳️


But it’s soo much more than a copy audit…

You’ll get honest but friendly feedback on:

  • The format and clarity of the page, so your readers can get to the bottom with ease

  • Your calls to action and how to make them more compelling: more clicks = more sales

  • Your copy and how to make it more persuasive

  • The structure of your page and how it flows, so you know it’s working hard for you

  • Any objections your reader may have that you need to answer, so you’re not losing people before they reach the buy button

  • And any important elements that may be missing that help build trust with your reader


It’s everything you need to give the thing a boost, from the perspective of your customer. The people that should be buying from you but aren’t right now.

“Nikki, I’m so incredibly grateful for your insight on my web copy, exactly what I could do to improve not only the language but make it more appealing for readers and incite them to take the next step and work with me. The personalized Loom videos were a nice touch!”


- Jessica Andersen, Book Editor

Sign me up!
Nikki-7 (1).jpg

Um, forgive me btw..

Have we met?

Either way, I’m thrilled you’re here.


I’m Nikki - a conversion copywriter + brand voice strategist who LOVES helping business owners reach their full potential with copy that sells and sounds like them.


But my knowledge extends beyond words. Which is why you’ll win with me on your team.


I’ve spent a lotta time and money learning how words impact the brain, so you’re not just getting guesswork but a roadmap that’s backed by research and the latest in psychological principles.


I'm a creative person, but a passion for learning means I also have a wide understanding of marketing principles, like UX, SEO and CRO - the stuff that all together makes a massive impact on your traffic, sales, and retention - oh hellooo money in da bank. 


This is why your audit won’t just say things like “I recommend using clearer language here” 🤮- instead, you’ll get deep insights that spell out what you need to do and why.


And then… if you want someone to implement the changes (hello, hola, hi), you’ll get the money from your audit off the invoice for your new copy. How’s that for value?!

How does it work?

Click the "Book my Audit" button below and fill in a few quick details about you + your biz. 

Step 1

You'll receive a confirmation of your order so eyes peeled on your inbox! The ball is now in my court so I'll get cracking on your audit and strategy roadmap.

Step 3

Sign a short contract that confirms I'll be doing the work for you (so it's all legit) and then pay the invoice (Credit card or PayPal)

Step 2

You'll get your mitts on the results within 1 week.

Pour yourself a margarita - we made it!

Step 4

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