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Case Study: BTS of a $197k Launch for a Group Coaching Program

The Client: Lifehack Method

Lifehack Method is a productivity coaching business run by Carey and

Demir Bentley. They help professionals and entrepreneurs live their dream life and perform at their peak level, without burning out in the process.

They’ve coached over 50,000 people to radically change their lives, through their Lifehack Tribe membership, Lifehack Bootcamp group coaching program, and a series of standalone courses.

The Goals

Our goal was to sell out spots for Lifehack Bootcamp, a 60-day group coaching intensive for existing members of Lifehack Tribe who want to achieve bigger, faster, more radical results.

The price had increased from $5,000 to $7,500USD since the last launch, so we knew it wouldn’t be as easy to sell as previous launches.

The secondary goal was to ensure all the spots were filled by perfect fit clients who would show up, do the work, and achieve amazing results.

Result Highlights

  • Booked more sales calls than the previous launch and 31% more than the goal

  • 50% of the calls booked were directly from the sales emails written by Nikki

  • Sold out all the available spots to dream clients

  • Sales total: $197k

How we got there

The Challenges:

1. Navigating a dramatic price increase of 50% and ensuring people would see the value of everything provided in Lifehack Bootcamp

2. Buying behaviours in the online course and coaching space are changing so we had to give more warning of the promotion than normal, plus provide more details about the price

3. Demir only has limited capacity for sales calls so we need to make sure everyone getting on a call is a good fit for the program, so we’re not wasting Demir’s time and energy

The solutions + strategy

To help future Bootcampers understand the value of the program, Nikki had to understand the value first. How?

  1. Speaking to former and current Bootcampers to understand where they were when they started Bootcamp vs where they are now - how did Bootcamp change their life?

  2. Speaking to Carey to get details of inclusions and bonuses so we could position these in the most valuable way

  3. Digging through survey data from before and after Bootcamp to see what people wanted to get out of the program vs what they actually got out of the program

  4. Looking at the common questions and problems people in their membership group were facing so we could understand why people may pay for additional support

To ensure people had time to make an informed buying decision, Nikki had to create a strategy for the sales email sequence

  1. Using the data from the research phase, Nikki was able to understand what people needed to believe about themselves before they’d consider spending this much money on a coaching program, what potential objections they may have and the most urgent problems they were facing

  2. Nikki plotted the email sequence based on this information and included content to share before the applications for Bootcamp were opened so we could build hype

3. Carey and Demir were also promoting the Bootcamp during live calls in their membership and answering public questions in their Facebook Group

The results:

  • We booked 88 sales calls (45 from the emails Nikki wrote and 45 from promotion Demir + Carey were doing, people who were on the waitlist, and people who were interested last time but not ready to buy)

  • Demir cancelled some calls with people who weren’t 100% ready to commit

  • Sold out the spaces available

  • Made $197k in revenue

  • Know they have a community of people who value their coaching and offer

  • Can confidently sell at the new higher price point in future launches

  • Have only perfect-fit clients in this round of Bootcamp who are likely to get amazing results!

What Carey said about working with Nikki:

“I paid more to work with Nikki than I have in the past for other copywriters, which always gives me pause since it's hard to know if the results will be good. But the results speak for themselves.

Not only did Nikki help us with a $197k launch of our high-ticket program but we’ve worked on smaller promotions of our standalone courses and surpassed all our sales goals since working with her.

The process of working with Nikki has been smooth. She’s fast, responsive and we love some of the new elements she proposed that we've integrated into our process with a

ll our clients. We’ve got so much more than copy but a strategic partner as well!”

- Carey Bentley, CEO at Lifehack Method, @demirandcarey


You deserve to work with a launch copywriter + strategist who does the hard work so you can be as confident in the results as possible.

And your clients deserve to have your full attention and energy during your launch - which isn’t going to happen if you do it all yourself!

If you’re a coach, course creator or service provider with an upcoming launch looming, I’d love to hear from you.

P.S. By applying, you won’t have to hop on a sales call and you won’t have to commit to working with me!

I work with people I genuinely feel I can help get an ROI and I’ll be totally upfront about what’s possible before we get going.

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