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Want to bring in more revenue in your next launch?

Grab your free Launch Debrief Questions and see what worked (and what didn't) in your last launch so you can get better results, every time 👇

Image by Sasun Bughdaryan

Use this freebie to:

👉 Pinpoint what worked in your last launch (and what didn't!) so you can tweak and bring in even bigger results next time!

👉 Understand the next best step to reach even bigger launch goals

👉 Set launch goals based on real data instead of guesswork!

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Hey, I'm Nikki Trailor -

And I help coaches, CEOs and consultants make bank with funnels and launches, while they help others live their best damn lives. 


I created this freebie because I believe more online entrepreneurs should make data-based decisions, so they can change the world with their incredible programs and be more confident in their launch strategy. Instead of throwing spaghetti at the wall....


Launching can be overwhelming but *trust me* it’s worse if you leave everything to guesswork. Seen it. Hate it. Don’t want that for you.

Ready to see your path to bigger and better launches?
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