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Launch Like A Boss 
with launch strategy + copy
as unique as you are.

‘Cause you don’t need to do things someone else’s way

to get the results you dream of.

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The online space is full of BS 🤫

If you’ve been hanging out online for a hot minute, you’ll have been bombarded with messages like:


🤦‍♀️ live launching is dead

🤦‍♀️ you NEED to host a free webinar for a successful launch

🤦‍♀️ don’t forget your value stack of (commonly) overblown fake pricing

🤦‍♀️ people don’t want to buy courses any more


**And I’m here to tell you, it’s all a load of BS**


As with anything, there’s more than one way to do things.


And if someone tells you there’s not, do yourself a favor and RUN, k?


Your business can run in a way that feels good to you.


And it’s the same for your live launches!..

Whatever you’ve been taught, there’s a way to do things in alignment with your values and skillset.


And you can stick to tactics that feel good to you and still 

make dream money.


You just need a launch strategist + copywriter in your pocket who shares your vision.

The easiest way to get the launch results you want? 

Hire a copywriter + strategist who helps you do things your own way


Use the formulas that work but tweak ‘em to suit your unique personality, skillset and values.


❌ Not great at showing up to sell live? You can live launch without hosting a live webinar or challenge 🥳️


❌ Don’t love high-pressure sales and launch tactics? You can launch successfully without fake urgency and scarcity 🥳️


Point is, you can follow your own rules and see success…


P.S. I’m not anti-webinar and I’m not anti-persuasion. 


I AM anti-BS “one-size-fits-all” strategies.

Sign me up!


Launch Like A Boss

Done-for-you launch strategy and copywriting 

that’s as unique as you are.

Get a strategic launch plan that plays to your unique strengths.

PLUS all your launch copy assets written so they sound like you and sell your thing.


Giving you space to show up as your glorious self 

and deliver the best damn service to your audience.

“Not only did Nikki help us make an additional $66k in one month but we were able to provide the extra support our community wanted without stress, while we were having our second baby.


The process of working with Nikki has been smooth. She’s fast, responsive and we love some of the new elements she proposed that we've integrated into our process with all our clients. We’ve got so much more than copy but a strategic partner as well!”

Carey Bentley, CEO at Lifehack Method

The secret sauce behind a launch that feels good to you
and your audience?

3 P Framework.png


  • Launch copy that doesn’t give you or your audience the ‘ick’.

  • It’s selling but with your values and ethics in mind.


  • Launch strategy that works for your unique strengths.

  • And conversion-focused copy that sounds like you, shows off your personality and connects with your readers.


  • Everything I write taps into human behaviour and psychological principles.

  • That’s persuasion with a B.I.G. dose of empathy so it feels good to you and the reader.

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And not forgetting..

the human behind the process

Hi, I’m Nikki - 


A launch + funnel copywriter + strategist for coaches, CEOs and consultants who wanna make bank, while helping people live their best damn lives.


I help online service-based businesses make more money from their scalable offers, without adding a ton of work to their plate – making things as easy as possible for my clients is my #1 priority.


You’re busy making an impact. I wanna support you with that, not detract from it.


And get you results to boot 🥾


💥 I’m the copywriter behind multiple-6-figure launches


💥 My average sales page conversions are above 7% (way above the industry average of 1-3%)


💥 And I’ve helped clients 2x their sales goals with email-only promos


But more than that, I want you to win.


‘Cause I’m tired of the conflicting, BS advice plastered across the internet.


Getting you results from your feel-good business is the thing that gets me out of bed every morning.


Let’s do this?

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Your Investment for Launch Like A Boss?

Because this is a fully bespoke service, the investment depends on what you have in place already. You can book a no obligation call to get an exact price.


Got a sales page or webinar that’s converting already? Cool. We’ll remove that from your package.

We can work on everything you need to get results, including:

  • Sales page

  • Email sequences

  • Webinar script

  • Affiliate copy

  • FB Ad copy

  • Lead magnets

  • Opt-in pages

  • Checkout pages

  • Confirmation pages

  • Onboarding emails...

And anything else you need to make your launch a success. I'll help you figure out what you need!


A full launch funnel is a five-figure investment.


And I say investment because here’s what you can expect to make when we work together 👇

All packages include the following:


🚀 My Signature 3P Process - a deep dive into all that’s important to get you results - your past launch data, your competitors, YOU, and your audience


🚀 Offer Optimization - to make your offer a “heck yes” before I write a single word


🚀 Launch Strategy - that works for your unique personality, skills and values


🚀 Voxer Access To Me - until your cart closes! Any pesky questions or mindset wobbles that come up mid-launch (it happens), I’m there to support you!

**Cashflow-friendly payment plans available**

Not sure what you need? Book A Call here anyway and I'll help you figure that out. 

"I'm in! But what's next?"
Step 1

Grab a bevvy + let’s chat


I’ll review your application and if it seems like a good match, we’ll hop on a 20-min call (or message on Voxer if you prefer). I’ll ask carefully selected Qs so I can understand your goals and advise on how we’ll smash them.


If it’s a hit–you’ll get a detailed proposal with all the deliverables that’ll get you to your goals.


No nasty surprises–everything will be crystal clear with the next steps outlined. And you can pay your deposit and get the contract signed in one fell swoop. It’s all digital, yo.

Step 2

It’s kick-off call time!


There’ll be more questions and you’ll have a checklist of things I need before I start writing (but only what's essential to the success of the project).

I crack on with researching, spying, and all-around data mining. I’ll stalk your competitors, delve into the archives of your customer surveys and reviews, interview your CEO or your most valued customers - whatever it takes to get those valuable insights that will take your copy from dull to daammmmnnnn.

Then, you can crack on with running your business or just having fun while I beaver away, writing, editing, and crafting compelling messages.

I’ll be in touch with regular updates so you ALWAYS know where we’re at.

Step 3

Launch Time!


This is where your new copy will be working hard for you while you do as much or as little showing up as you like. 


You’ll have me on hand for any questions and live emails that may need sending mid-launch. 


Chill, enjoy, and bring your best damn self to your audience ‘cause everything else is taken care of!

"Nikki’s copywriting skills have proven to be invaluable ... Her speed, enthusiasm and efficiency are outstanding"

Steve Wilson, Founder @ LiNGER Travel

"Trust is a like tough cookie, but Nikki makes it a piece of cake!
She is humble, professional, and connecting with her is so easy!
I can't imagine NOT working with Nikki!"

Christen Joli, Founder @ Patrici Publishing

"I don’t recommend anybody hiring Nikki... because I want her professionalism and flair with the English language all for myself!!"

Marco Joe Fazio, Founder @ MJF Creative Agency

It's more than just copy.
Here's what you get -



You'll have my undivided attention on your biz (I only work on 2-3 projects at a time). I’m all about providing white-glove service - you’ll barely lift a finger (unless it’s raising a celebration margarita to your lips).



Before we start, we'll dive deep into your business, brand and audience to map out the key messages that’ll hit home with your readers and get you to your biz goals.



A fully managed project. You’ll know exactly what’s going on and when so you can relaxxx. Communication is key to the success of all my projects. 



100% bespoke copy that’ll sound like you and connect with your dream clients. No templates, no jargon, and no making sh*t up. It’s research-backed and personality driven.

Got Qs? I've got the Answers

1. How far in advance of my launch should I book?


If you have a launch date in mind, the sooner the better. For real, 3-4 months would be lovely and give us tons of time to relax through the process. Plus, you’re more likely to get on my calendar.


But I’m grounded in reality and know it often doesn’t work like that. Good news for you is, I work fast! So if your launch is in 1-2 months, we can still get it all done. I just can’t promise I’ll be available.


Got an even tighter deadline, the One Week Copy Shop might be for you. Get a sales page or launch email sequence in a week. But hurry, I only take 2 per month.


2. I love the idea of a unique launch but I know Product Launch Formula works. Do you offer PLF-style launches? 


Absolutely. If you know that kind of big launch works for you, or that’s how you want to do things, I’m all for it. 


I’ve worked on big-PLF-style launches and had great results. I’ve also worked on smaller, quick n’ dirty launches that have been a hit. So if you know you wanna go big with all the bells and whistles, that’s what we’ll do and I’m not gonna shy away from that.


My goal is to find the perfect-fit launch for YOU.


3. Do you do any design or tech setup?


Trust me, you don’t wanna let me near that stuff! I stay in my Zone of Genius - launch strategy and launch copywriting. 


I know some amazing people who offer sales page design, automations, systems, and other launch stuff that doesn’t come under my ZoG so if you need ‘em, happy to provide some recommendations.


If you have a designer, I’m happy to collab with them and give direction for anything that'll impact your sales.


4. I still have Qs. How can I get in touch?


Send me an email at or apply below and I’ll send you an email within 48 hours (M-F).

I don't just talk the talk

I'm constantly learning and upping my game so your copy is in good hands

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Let's be real for a sec...

About Me

We all have a story to share. Here's an opportunity to introduce yourself and tell users about you. You can include a little bit about your professional history, your personal interests, or how this site came to be. Click to edit the text and make it your own.

I’m all about getting you to reach your business goals in a way that feels good to you. Not the “that could be nice” goals but the biggest, wildest fantasies you have.


If you want to impact more people and build your business, you know the fastest way to do that is by hiring a copywriter that wants to see you win. 


You could spend months trying to DIY everything and hoping it’ll convert.


Or you could hand it over to a conversion copywriter who can step into your brand voice and deliver conversion copy that’ll hit a home run.


Cheers to that..

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