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Live Launching is Getting Harder. Here are 7 ways to make more sales from your live launch in 2023

Live launching is getting tough. I’ve seen clients who’ve had 6-figure launches need to work so much harder to make the same sales they did in 2021. The industry is shifting and your audience is getting smarter.

But before you panic and think there’s no point keeping up to date with an ever-changing part of the online industry. Live launches are still workingmy client just had a multi-6-figure launch–you just have to know what your audience want and be strategic about it.

Not everyone is prepared to put in the work or time needed so if you follow this, you’re already miles ahead.

Here are 7 ways you can make more sales from your 2023 live launch with tactics that are working right now.

1. Email your list regularly. All year.

If you don’t regularly email your list when you’re not launching, you’re leaving money on the table when you do launch.

If you only do one thing on this list, this is the one to pay attention to! If you have a warm email list of people who hear from you regularly and love what you do, you’ll make way more sales here than is possible on social media or other channels.

When you look at algorithms on IG, Facebook or LinkedIn, only a small portion of your audience will see your stuff (Only 10%, according to Shortstack) but open rates on a warm engaged email list can range from 20-50% on average (dependant on your list size, subject lines and other factors).

Screenshot from my own email list which is small (circa. 100 people) but engaged.

That means a whole lot more people can potentially see your sales messages. Which means you’re increasing your chances of making that sale.

But to get those high open rates you need to be sending regular emails (think at least 1x a week) that provide value through entertainment or education. If your audience regularly receives value from you, you’ll train them to open your emails and even look forward to them!

So when it comes to launching they’ll be the ones seeing it and hopefully buying.

2. Consistently show up somewhere

For a successful live launch, you need an audience. It’s a pure numbers game. The more people you sell to, the more people will buy. Simple.

That means, throughout the year you wanna be building your audience somewhere. Ideally your email list but you may need to get in front of new audiences to make that happen.

Pick one channel to market yourself on consistently and stick to it, so you can get your biz in front of new people. Here’s some ideas to get you started.

  • Host a podcast

  • Speak on other people’s podcasts

  • LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook or other social media platforms

  • YouTube

  • Write guest posts for other people’s blogs or magazines

  • Collaborate with other people who serve the same audience as you - host IG lives together or a live event

  • Speak at virtual summits

There’s a lot of ways to do it so pick one and run with it if you don’t already do one consistently now. Commit to it for 3 months and you’re sure to see some growth.

Tell me how you did, mmkay?

3. Use more empathetic marketing tactics + copy

People have never liked feeling like they’re being sold to but, more and more, people like to feel seen and understood in your marketing. They don’t want to feel they’re being manipulated and who can blame ‘em! The last few years have been a special kind of sh*tshow.

Instead of making people feel guilty about their problems or current situation, why not appeal to their desires instead? Paint a positive picture of what their life is gonna look like after working with you. It’s way more pleasant to read and still sells, without making your reader feel yucky or bad about themselves.

If you can use your copy to empower people to make the right choice by buying your product or course, then they’ll start their journey with you on a positive note and that leads to better results and vibes for everyone.

Also, I shouldn’t have to say this but so much of it still goes on in the online space–BE HONEST in all your sales materials. Ditch the fake urgency and scarcity tactics. If you say your cart is closing, stick to it. And if you say you only have X number of spaces left, let it be the real number. People are smart. Give them credit and you’ll start your relationship on a more positive note. And that could lead to more future sales or referrals.

4. Don’t skip the pre-launch

THIS. Sure, you may still make sales without a solid pre-launch strategy if you have a great product and a warm audience. But why put allll that energy into a live launch when you could make even more sales, with more ease?

Your pre-launch is what you talk about in your marketing before you open your cart. It’s how you educate your audience about your upcoming offer (without selling) and show them why your offer is the solution to their problems.

It builds anticipation so people are waiting for you to open the cart and start selling. And it also makes it easier for people to make an informed financial decision early on, without too much sales pressure.

If people know your launch is coming, they can prepare financially, save and check their bank balance to make sure it’s right for them and within reach.

It’s a win-win. You’ll make more sales by prepping your audience and your audience will be better prepped to know if your offer is right for them. Goodbye excessive refund requests.

You can thank me later.

For more tips on what to do before your pre-launch. Check out this post on the quick and easy strategy you should implement before any live launch.

5. Know your data and talk to your audience

If you’re relaunching a product, course or membership you’ve launched before, you already have amazing insights on what worked and what didn’t. Look at the data to see what performed well, what could’ve been better, what felt icky, and use that to make the next round even better.

Intimidated by numbers or no idea where the heck to start? Apply for a launch debrief here and I’ll give you the plan to make your next launch even better.

If it’s a new product or service you’re launching, you may not have data on what’s worked but look at other launches you’ve done with other offers. What’s working well for you and what are your audience engaging with? Look at common themes and try to replicate more of the same.

The numbers don’t lie but they only paint a small part of the picture. Talking to your audience is another way to ensure there’s a need for the thing you’re selling.

Look at questions you’ve had in the DMs or on email - what can you use from this to make your launch messaging better? Or improve your offer before you launch? Don your best detective hat and dig around - it’s the best way to make sure your launch is a success, not a flop.

6. Have fun with it!

You don’t have to get stressed out when you’re launching. It can be fun. You also don’t have to follow a “proven formula” - if you don’t love traditional live launches then why not experiment and do things your way?

Hate sales calls? Try Voxer or personalized videos. Don’t want to host a webinar or challenge? Then don’t. Ready to ditch Instagram? Ditch it (as long as you have a way of getting people on your email list, you don’t need it).

Do what feels good to you and protects your energy so you can show up for the people who buy from you.

If you’re tired, stressed and drained, your audience will sense it and it’ll impact sales, so do what you gotta do to get the results you want.

7. Outsource your strategy + copy

Now I realize this isn’t an option available to everyone but if you have the means to outsource, the whole process is gonna be much easier and maybe even enjoyable.

A good copywriter will be able to take control of the process, getting everything they need from you to write the copy, so you’re free to provide that high level of support to your audience, manage the project, oversee other contractors.. Whatever it is you gotta do.

If they also offer strategy, you’re laughing because that’s one piece of the puzzle you can let go of the reigns on.

With all my clients, I provide strategy on just about every piece of the launch puzzle to make damn sure it’s as successful as it can be. I’ll look at your goals and tell you if they’re realistic. I’ll look at your offer and tell you if it needs optimizing.

You’re not just getting an order taker but someone who can strategize and write data-backed, personality-packed copy that sounds like you and sells.

If you’re launching in 2023 and want an expert copywriter + strategist by your side, I’d love to chat.

Apply here and let’s find out if we’re a good fit.

P.S. tell me below what tip you'll try with your next launch 👇

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