Copy that packs a persuasive punch.

Drive better traffic to your website and turn browsers into buyers. 

Hi, I'm Nikki -


a copywriter who drives growth for ambitious brands using strategic conversion copy.

I’ll optimise every stage of your customer’s journey, leading them from top-of-the-funnel to bottom-of-the-funnel.


So your ideal customers not only find you online but become actual. paying. customers. 

No more sleepless nights over why your cart abandonments are so high.


No more questioning if there’s something wrong with your product. 


Get back to business, get a good night’s kip, and watch those sales come rolling in.

Sound good? 


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"Nikki’s copywriting skills have proven to be invaluable ... Her speed, enthusiasm and efficiency are outstanding."

- Steve Wilson, CEO & Founder @ LiNGER Travel



Digital Newsletters

I can curate snappy headlines and write compelling e-mail content to help generate leads from your database.

A strong e-mail can grab the attention of someone who has engaged with your brand but hasn't yet committed to buying into it. Let me help you shape the perfect e-mail to tap into those missed opportunities and retain the interest of existing customers.

Brand Voice Guidelines

Having a strong brand identity is key to a successful business. If your personality comes through in your words, then your audience is more likely to engage with you. I’ll work with you to create your unique brand voice to ensure that it remains consistent across all aspects of your business, from marketing content to social media channels to website copy. 


If you need help to get your personality onto the page then I’ll help you create guidelines that you and your employees can follow.

Social Media

It's no secret that a successful social media channel can help to power a successful business and entice new customers to your brand. By engaging with your clients on social media and reaching new audiences you can remain at the forefront of people's minds easily.

I can help you to create a social strategy and generate more followers by writing evocative social media posts for your desired platforms.

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“Nikki was quick to react and incredible to have made our tight deadline. Studi0 very much enjoyed working with her - she was friendly and professional and the editing she has completed for our book has really added value to the final result. She understood very rapidly the essence of what we were trying to achieve and how to go about transforming it into the written word. Thank you Nikki!”

- Helen Waldburger, CEO @ Studi0

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Over six years of copywriting and editing experience - blog content, strategy, SEO copywriting, creating a brand voice - you name it, I’ve done it

I do thorough research and tailor everything to your needs and your audience

I’ve worked in sales, operations, product and marketing so I understand business dynamics and how to best communicate across your teams

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Professional (without the stuffiness)

I’m British, we like to be punctual - you can rest easy knowing any deadlines will be met 

I work to a brief that we create together before I start doing anything. I make no assumptions without doing research or asking the right questions

I’m friendly and I genuinely get excited about doing a good job. If you’re not enthusiastic about your project when we start, I’m confident you will be once I’m done!

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I've written copy for a variety of industries including travel, tech and eCommerce to achieve fantastic results 

I’m London-based but work with businesses all around the world (need online meetings on your time zone, no problem)

I write in UK or US English

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SEO Copywriting

If you need natural sounding SEO copy for your website then drop me a line. I’ll weave your ideas and keywords into headings, sentences and paragraphs without compromising the quality of the writing and without sacrificing your unique tone of voice.


Creating copy with SEO in mind is a great way to maximise the effectiveness of your website and reach your target audience more easily.

Blog Content

Blogs are an often-neglected but great tool for engaging with your clients. Need sharp blog content which will help you to reach your target audience, improve your SEO and give you additional content to shout about on other channels? Let me take it off your hands.

I have written blogs for clients on a wide range of topics, from travel to textiles, and will ensure that anything I write is accurate, researched and written in your brand voice.

Brochure Copy

Brochures are a fantastic outlet for showcasing the best of what you have to offer but writing them can be time consuming and complicated. 

I have worked on a range of brochures, writing content, editing and fact checking to ensure consistency and accuracy, and will ensure that your brand and values shine through.