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4 Pre-Launch Strategies That’ll Increase Sales in Your Next Launch

Do you ever wonder how some online businesses seem to effortlessly live launch and make five or six figures in revenue, while your launches feel exhausting and don't deliver the results you want? 

One of the big reasons that people don't buy in a launch is they simply aren't ready. 

Either they don't trust you, or they don't trust themselves to get the results that you are promising with your offer. 

If they're not ready to buy in this launch, and you do nothing to address that, you'll likely have to wait until another launch so you can build that trust, and they can build that trust for themselves as well. 

But what if I told you, you can reduce that timeline so people are more ready to buy in your upcoming launch? 

Good news.... you can, and it's all about the content you share in the weeks running up to your launch, whether that's on social media on your email list, wherever it is that you have an audience.

Read on for the 4 pre launch tactics you can use to increase sales in your next launch. With more ease. 

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Launch Strategy 1. Use your content to shift your audience’s beliefs

The content you share in the run-up to your launch needs to help your audience shift the belief that they're not able to get the results you're selling them. It should also help them to believe what you're selling is the solution to that problem, without necessarily referencing your offer. 

As an example, if your ideal client is a business owner who wants to make more sales, and you're selling an email marketing course, you need them to believe that email marketing is the thing that will help them make more sales. 

I like to map out all the things that my audience need to believe before they're sold to in a spreadsheet. I have one column for what they believe now and one column for what they need to believe to be ready to buy. 

For example, they don’t believe they can make more sales needs to become, making more sales can be easy. 

Apply this to your business and make note of every belief your audience currently holds in relationship to your offer, and what you need them to believe.

Launch Strategy 2. Build a list of BUYERS for your offer with a waitlist strategy

Another mistake a lot of people make when they launch is that they don't continue building a list of buyers who are specifically interested in that one offer. This means that when they come to launch, they have to send a blast to their entire email list of people who may or may not be the right fit. That means lower conversion rates. 

Our goal here is to increase those conversion rates and increase sales when you're between launches, or even in the run up to a launch. This works for existing offers and brand new ones too. 

I always recommend leaving a waitlist page up as soon as possible so you can direct traffic to that page. The waitlist page should be a shorter version of your sales page and give them more details about the offer, so they can decide whether they're a good fit. 

The only action that they should be able to take on that page is leaving you their name and their email address as way for you to contact them. Then inside that email software that you use to collect those email addresses, you can tag them as interested in this specific product. And you can send emails directly to them. 

When it comes to the time your launch is live, these are the people who are most aware – they have read the page, they have got the information, they have registered interested, and they are your most likely people to buy – you want to take care of them. 

This waitlist strategy means you can keep in touch with them before your launch and remind them who you are, why they registered that they were interested in the first place, what your offer is and how it’ll help them. The result? More sales from clients who are familiar with your offer, and likely a perfect fit because they've had time to consider it and all their other options as well. 

They know that it's a good fit, they know they want in, and they're excited to start working with you. 

If you want more tips on using a waitlist to generate more sales or sell out your offers, keep your eyes peeled for a more detailed breakdown next week! 

Launch Strategy 3. Talk about your offers more and create ‘offer visibility’

A big problem people face when they launch is they feel so confident in their offer that they think everyone else knows about it. So they don't talk about it. 

They almost feel like they’re annoying people. But that most likely isn't true. Sound familiar?

Think about how many times you actually see someone's content on your social media channels. It is so small compared to the number of times they post. The way that algorithms work is not in our favor as creators. So we need to put things out there more. 

It’s the same with emails as well. Even the most engaged email lists or engaged email subscribers can maybe miss an email or two and after that, they don't have all the information they need to make a buying decision. 

You have to assume that they don't know anything about your offer. And then it's your job to educate them so that they can understand whether they need it or not. 

Most people need to see your offer several times before they feel confident enough to purchase it. So if you're not regularly talking about your offers between launches, people often don't know your offer exists by the time you launch, by which point they might not be ready to buy. Seeing a theme here?

You need to create offer visibility. You need people to know your offer by name, you need people to understand what it involves, what it does, and how it’s supposed to help them in advance of you launching, so they already know whether they want it or not. Talk about those offers regularly, share client results, talk about the transformation you offer and drive demand, even if it's not currently available. 

Think about like the new iPhone, there is always a queue at the Apple Store when there's a new model out, even though people could just buy online. I mean, you won't get me doing that. But I can tell you now, this is what you want to be thinking about for your online business. Be the Apple store. Get people so damn excited, they're prepared to line up and buy from you. 

Launch Strategy 4. Help people prepare by giving them warning

Most of the time, people need to be prepared to make any kind of investment. So the best thing you can do is give people plenty of warning. As soon as you know what dates you're planning to launch an offer, let your audience know, even if you're not planning to open the cart for a few months. 

Especially if this is a high investment offer (I’m talking 4 or 5 figures). If people are going to have to put money aside or potentially be prepared financially, you want to give them as much warning as possible. 

If you only open the cart once a year for your offer – for example, for a high ticket group coaching program that lasts for a whole year, maybe you only open the doors once a year to let new people inside – tell people months in advance or tell people in January if you're planning to open the doors in October, just give them some kind of heads up. 

This helps them to prepare financially, and it will also help them be prepared to be sold to as well. 

They'll almost be expecting it and ready for it and mentally more okay with it. You need to get their buy-in before you go and just bombard them with emails and bombard them with social posts because you want them to be on your side. 

This also helps to mitigate those complaints and objections that you get from people inevitably every time you launch where you ask them why they didn't buy and they say “I didn't have the money” – more often than not, this objection will be because people didn't have time to prepare if they really wanted to. And so we can just help reduce that a little bit. 

Obviously, there will be some people who can't afford to buy your offer or don't see enough value in it. Or maybe it's not a good fit, but for the people who are a good fit, we want to reduce and remove every objection we possibly can so that they're as excited to buy as possible.  Give these strategies a try and in no time at all, you'll start seeing an increase in sales in your next launch.

If you want more strategies to make more sales from your launches. Hop onto my Launch Insiders email list for weekly tips and strategies.

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