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Unpopular Opinion: you don't NEED to run a free challenge or webinar for a successful live launch

There are a lot of “rules” in the online space. Some are worth paying attention to and some have just become best practices based on a formula someone has created. As coaches or mentors grow, their message spreads with their audience, so the formula becomes this thing everyone refers to, uses or teaches another version of. Sure, it may work. But it may not be the only way to get the same result.

I always say it’s best to question why someone is doing something, before trying it for yourself.

The same is true for live launches. Many big 6-7 launches you see will follow a similar formula. A lot of this comes from Jeff Walker’s PLF (Product Launch Formula), someone who’s been dominating the launch space and teaching his formula for decades. And huge names like Denise Duffield-Thomas swear by it. Because it does work.

The PLF looks a little like this:

  1. Pre-pre launch (and if you have no clue what this is - you can read up on this blog here)

  2. Pre-launch

  3. Conversion event (webinar or challenge etc)

  4. Open cart

  5. Post-launch

But is there another way?

Well, yes…

There’s never just one right way to do things. And if anyone tells you there is, do yourself a favor and run, K?

Let’s look at why and how to have a successful live launch *without* using a challenge or webinar.

Play to your strengths

If the idea of launching into a sales pitch at the end of a webinar has you feeling queasy, leave the selling for your emails or pre-planned copy. Or come up with something else entirely.

A challenge or webinar can be a great way to warm up your audience and introduce them to your offer. It’s a way for people to connect and engage with you and what you’re teaching. But it only works well if you have a structure and are good at showing up live.

If live trainings or selling aren’t your jam, why try and force it? I’m all about making your business work for you and your unique strengths. Because what works for one person, may not work for another.

If you still want the live element, you could try an open house instead, where you invite people to a live call and show them everything that’s included inside your offer.

If you prefer to pre-record content, consider hosting a challenge via email, pre-recorded videos or a private podcast feed.

There’s always a chance to be creative and try something new that allows you to have a more chilled-out launch.

Build know, like + trust in other ways

A huge part of live launch success is down to building your launch list, AKA the audience of people you’ll be selling to. Typically, you’ll need this to grow and be filled with new people every time you launch.

This means many people on your launch list won’t be too familiar with you, your offers, and your skills – so you need to use this time to build know, like and trust so they’re more comfortable with you when you start to sell.

If you decide not to host a live, video-based event where people can see you in action, how else can you achieve the same level of know, like and trust?

The best way to make a plan for this is understand what content your dream audience consumes so you can get in front of them. If they listen to a specific type of podcast, start guesting on their faves. If they read specific blogs, pitch some guest posts so you can get their eyes on you and start getting them to build that connection with you. If they follow specific IG accounts, see if you can host an IG live with that account.

If you’re taking this approach, it’s important to make it sustainable for you and it’s also important to make sure the timings work for your launch. If you can schedule several guest spots in the 4-6 weeks before your cart opens, the people who want to hear more from you will have a chance to build a connection with you before you start selling.

Build your own platform to share regular content

I think this is super important regardless of whether you’re in launch mode. *Consistently pumping out content is a fantastic way to build your authority and show people you know what you’re talking about. It can instantly position you as an expert in your space.

*Note that consistency doesn’t have to be daily or weekly. It can mean whatever you want it to mean.

Now, I get pumping out content may not be your favourite thing. But here’s why you should care. Creating content is a way to remind people you exist and it gives you a platform to consistently deliver value, whether you’re using to educate, inform, or even entertain. If people are consuming it, it means it carries some kind of value.

Content also makes you more searchable. If you have a blog or podcast or other platform, you’re more likely to be positioned higher in search engines. Or at the very least have some kind of presence there, making you look like a legit business.

But my fave benefit to having a backlog of content is that it’s binge-able for new people when they discover you. So they have a load of material they can inhale to get to know you better. Ever done that when you discover someone knew and line up 10 or so episodes of their podcast to soak in their genius? Yeah, me too. Give your audience a chance to do the same and over time that content will nurture them into potential fans and buyers.

Talk about your offers in your marketing. Always. Even when the cart isn’t open

If people don’t know what you’re selling, why should they buy from the first moment you start talking about it?

People need to see and hear about things multiple times before they decide to make a purchase decision. Sure, some people will make a decision quicker than others but it still pays to have built up awareness of your offer and what it can do for them.

For example, if you’re speaking on a podcast, drop in the name of your program or product when you talk about clients as a kind of case study or example of what you do. Name drop it whenever you introduce yourself.

And be sure to talk about it on your socials if you market yourself on social media.

It doesn't have to be in the context of selling but merely reminding people about it and who it’s for so they can start to make a decision on whether it’s something they may need or want in the future.


Hoping you now have a ton of ideas for promoting yourself for a more chilled, easy live launch. I know live launching and the visibility it requires can feel scary. Especially if you’re new to it or don’t love showing up live to sell your stuff.

All of these are just ideas. The key to being successful is making it work for you and your unique personality.

If you’re struggling or confused as you prep for a launch, I’m now offering coaching via Voxer for people who need strategic support and maybe don’t want me to write their copy. You can book a full day or half-day of support to walk through your biggest struggles. Find out more here and fill out your details to book (official sales page is coming soon). Got Qs - email me at

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Jim Allsop
Jim Allsop
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