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5 Advanced Launch Strategies: Grow your launches to 7 figures

If you repeatedly hit six figures on your launches but don't know how to grow them without simply spending a fortune on meta ads, listen up. Because yes, growing your audience will help. But there's a lot more to it than that if you want to sustainably bring in seven figures and continue to grow your business.

Here are 5 not so obvious things you should focus on to get your launches to that next level. All things I've helped my clients with to get them to their biggest launch yet. 

Improve Your Conversion Rates

The first thing you should definitely be focusing on at this stage in your business is improving your conversion rates. If you're at the stage where you're hitting six figures in your launches, you likely already have a large audience. Yes, you can keep growing your audience and you definitely should. But increasing your conversion rates is another easy way to increase sales in your launches. 

Say you have an audience of 20,000 and you increase your conversion rate by even HALF a percent. That's an extra 100 sales. What would an extra 100 sales due to your revenue numbers?

If your offer is $1,000, that's an extra $100k right there. 

To do this, you need to dive deep into the data and monitor your KPIs from each and every launch. Then you can find ways to grow them. 

Look at all of your stats from your email open rates, your webinar signup rates, your return on ad spend if you're using paid traffic, sales page conversion rates and everything in between. Compare them to your usual benchmarks and industry benchmarks to see where you're smashing it and where you can improve. 

By doing this, you can pinpoint any holes in your funnel where people may be dropping off. 

For example, if you can increase your open rate on your cart close email by 10%, that can be another 2000 People who see your sales message. 

If you can increase the click through rate to your sales page by 1%. That can be another 200 people on your sales page. 

Do that with every email and every touchpoint and imagine what's possible.

It's time to try some A/B testing, hone your hooks, adapt your messaging based on the current climate and strengthen your calls to action. 

Do what you can to tweak or rewrite things that aren't working and you'll be well on your way to your biggest launch yet. 

Grow Awareness of Your Offer

The next thing you should focus on is growing awareness of your offer. Think of all the people you know who have seven-figure launches… chances are you know that offers by name. Things like:

  • Marie Forleo’s B School 

  • Amy Porterfield’s Digital Course Academy 

  • Lisa Johnson's One to Many 

  • Rachael Rogers’ The Club

  • Denise Duffield-Thomas’ Money Bootcamp

This is not an accident. Even when the cart is closed, you'll hear these programs mentioned all the time, both by the creators and by students of their programs. 

Think of your signature offer as a brand of its own. The goal is to have as many of your ideal clients know it by name and talk about it in rooms you're not even in.

It's almost impossible to grow your launches to seven figures if you have to do all the marketing and create visibility all by yourself. Having raving fans talking about your work really helps. And even people who haven't taken your courses– if it's easy to refer you, people will. 

For example, I can think of hundreds of occasions where I've been scrolling Facebook and have seen people asking for recommendations of the best places to learn a specific skill. And there are usually hundreds of responses from people sharing their experience in a course, while saying things like “I've not done it myself, but I've heard good things about X”, or “I follow this person on social media and she seems to know her shit.” 

The more people you have do that for your offers, the easier it is to grow. Referrals go a long way so talk about your offers constantly, even when the doors are closed. 

Get people hooked on the outcome so that when they need what you're selling, you're the first person that springs to mind. 

Build Your Community, Not Just An Audience

The next thing you need to focus on is building community and not just an audience. More than ever, people need to be bought into you and your methodologies. Any extra personal attention you can give to people will go a long, long way. 

By focusing on community and valuing your people, you'll build a brand based on relationships, the top currency in the 2024 economy, where people are taking longer than ever to make buying decisions. 

Having a strong relationship with your audience will set you apart from the competition. There are many ways you can do this. And not all of them are scalable. But trust me, they will help you build success for your future launches and also make running your business a lot more enjoyable. Because I don't know about you but shouting into the void when your marketing isn't exactly fun. It feels like you're a stand up comedian and the audience is just not laughing back with you. 

While putting out a post or sending an email and receiving a ton of support and insightful comments from your engaged community feels amazing. It's like a cycle of energy. You give energy to your audience by activating something in them and they energize you in return by engaging with you and your content. 

The most effective way to do this is to focus on your superfans and your most engaged audience. 

These people are way more likely to hype you up, tell you their honest feedback, and talk about you to their friends or shout you out in other communities when people need your offer. You need these people to be behind you. So how can you put this into practice? 

The first way I'd introduce this is more scalable, by implementing a nurture strategy with your marketing. Wherever you grow your audience, you need to have the right content and interactions with your brand lined up to continue to nurture and build that relationship with your audience. Even if you're not there live doing it with them in person or via a live video. 

You can use email, you can use YouTube or a podcast, regular video content, or whatever you like for this. Focus on wherever you show up best, but there should be some strategy behind it. Yes, you need to be sharing work related content, but you also need people to connect with you, quirks and all. So don't be afraid to show up as a human instead of a polished personal brand. 

Talk about your hobbies or how you spend your weekends, your Backstreet Boys obsession or your love of baking, give them something to connect to you besides your work that gives your superfans a reason to feel they know you on a deeper level and that you're bringing them into your world. 

Broadcast channels on Instagram, Facebook groups or other Online Communities can be awesome for this. 

Now, because of the size audience you need to generate seven figures from a launch, you do need to have one tactic to do this at scale. But I also recommend having an unsustainable unscalable method. 

If you have some capacity to do this, voice note your biggest fans, ask them questions, reply to their emails when they reply to your newsletters…. 

You probably can't do this every day for hundreds of people. But even if you can do one per day or three per week, those people will feel so taken care of and feel way more connected to you and your work. 

I hope it goes without saying but make these interactions genuine. The goal here is not sales. The goal should be getting to know your audience. 

Strategic Outsourcing

The next thing you can do to grow your launches is outsource more strategically. You don't need a full time or even particularly large team. If you outsource all the pieces where you've become a bottleneck to experts where you can get a direct ROI, you're well on your way to increasing launch revenue. 

Now, I'm not saying outsource everything so you triple your expenses and end up with less profit.

You want to get experts in areas that drain you, that you don't enjoy, or that you've hit a limit on your knowledge. 

  • If that for you is Facebook ads, get a killer ads expert. 

  • If copywriting is taking all your time, hire a copywriter. 

  • If you have a larger team and you spend a lot of time managing everyone and everything, hire an OBM who can take over your delegation and project management duties. 

  • If you don't love promoting on social media, but you’re still doing it all yourself, get that off your plate.

You want to get to a point where you can show up, serve, and focus on building visibility for your brand and offers. 

Whether that’s speaking gigs, podcasting, doing mini trainings, whatever that looks like for you and your business, you should show up in places where you're irreplaceable and not in others. 

Do whatever it takes to preserve your energy so you can bring it when you go to launch. Because while a launch is about the strategy, you still need the right energy to succeed. 

Increase The Average Spend Per Customer

The next thing that you can do to increase your launch revenue is increase the average spend per customer. And this is a really easy way to increase your launch revenue. You can also do this before, during and after your cart closes, so there are many opportunities to increase that value per customer. 

As you've already hit six-figure launches, I'm willing to bet you have a wealth of resources that you've created and sold–things like workshops, courses and other resources that you can sell as digital products….

So how do you increase the average spend? Add more offer options to your launch by offering strategic upsells, downsells, and order bumps, so you can give your audience more of what they need. 

Chances are there are multiple types of buyer in your audience. Some will want the bare bones and some will want all the bells and whistles, access to you, and VIP levels of support. So who are you to hold back from them? Offer a VIP upgrade option to your course, program, or product and watch your revenue increase.

You not only increased your spend per customer, but you might get more sales because someone who was put off by that lack of support might now purchase because they get exactly what they need. 

If you're using paid traffic or already have a launch specific lead magnet, you might already have a one-time offer or tripwire. But if not, this is a perfect way to recoup some ad costs or make your launch profitable before it even begins. 

There's nothing like that to take the pressure off hitting your launch targets. Trip wires are offers that are shown immediately after someone signs up for your email list and usually give someone a limited window of time to receive a discount on another offer.

You can have between one and three of these so you have plenty of scope to bring in some extra cash. Offers that work the best are related to the lead magnet, taking that knowledge to the next step and solving a specific problem. 

They’re typically low cost products or programs between $20 and $97. But I've seen this done really well with programs up to about $399. The discount should be around $100 for larger programs or around 30% minimum for anything under $100. 

If you have multiple tripwires, you would normally redirect your audience to one offer page at a time to avoid confusion. 

Here's how that would look:

  • Someone downloads your lead magnet

  • They're immediately redirected to a page showing offer number one 

  • They either buy the offer or click “No thanks”. Or simply close the page. 

  • The people who buy or click “no thanks” are redirected to offer number two, and the cycle continues until they are done. 

Now add an upsell to each of these at the checkout and you have even more opportunities to bring in cash. An upsell would be a separate product that your audience can choose to add on directly at the checkout. You can normally choose whether to have these pre-selected or not. I prefer not as otherwise you may get unnecessary refund requests from people who didn't realize. It's also nice to let people opt in and make that decision for themselves. But that's entirely up to you and your values. Just do what feels good to you. 

Then if you want to bring in even more sales after your cart closes, you can include a downsell offer, which you only sell to people who didn't buy during your launch. 

This can be a stripped back version of your main offer like a course when you were selling a group coaching program, or if you’re selling a membership/course, it could be a lesson or module from that. 

This is perfect for people who weren't ready to invest that much money but still want the outcome that you are promoting in your main offer. 

That's four ways that you can increase your average spend per customer right there. 


If you're ready for your biggest, most enjoyable launch, fill out a few quick details to book a call with me here and let's chat about your next best steps to reach your next launch milestone. 

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