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One-Week Launch Formula

Get cash in the BANK from your 1:1 services, courses, or coaching programs, 

in 1 week or less.

No team, complex tech, or endless energy required. 

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Launching doesn't have to drain you!

Hey, online business owner.


If you want to generate more cash in your online business but the idea of a full-blown, bells-and-whistles live launch makes you want to faceplant your keyboard….


…this is for you.


 📢 Maybe you’re working on a new offer and you want to test it before throwing money down the Zuckerberg ad drain.


📢 Maybe you’re burnt out from intense promos but still need to keep the cash flowing.


📢 Maybe you don’t love showing up live and you want to hide behind your screen but still make more money.


📢 Or maybe you have a chronic illness, have to work around your kid’s school schedule, or have too many life commitments, and you don’t have the energy or time to go all-in on a big launch.


The good news?


It’s possible to bring in BIG MONEY with WAY LESS EFFORT.


There’s a time and a place for big, glitzy launch events.


And there’s a time for low-level, low-energy, make-a-fast-buck promos.

I’ve been working on a formula to do that in a way that’s not going to:


😬 burn you out

😬 cause you to spiral into overwhelm

😬 or have you scrambling to hire a team to implement it on time.


If that has you saying a big *F*CK YES* – keep reading.

Sign me up!


The One-Week Launch Formula

A self-study program that’ll help you get cash in the bank from your 1:1 services, courses or coaching programs, in one week or less.

I’ve used the exact system I'm teaching you to help clients get results like:


  1. 36k in a weekend from low ticket (less than $300) offers*

  2. $2.5k in day 1 of the promo on a $197 product

  3. 29k in 1 week from a $297 course

  4. $197k from a 7k coaching program


Plus, I’ve used it to book out my 1:1 launch planning service and make $3.6k in a weekend with just 4 hours of work.


And now I’m going to show you how you can replicate it so you can get results like this in your own business.


*because I hate giant cash claims without any context - results will vary depending on your audience size, offer price, and other factors but it’s possible to rinse and repeat this multiple times to continue generating results, every time you need (or want) a cash injection!

Doors open on November 16th. Get on the waitlist here 👇

“Not only did Nikki help us make an additional $66k in one month with a couple of quick promos, but we were able to provide the extra support our community wanted without stress, while we were having our second baby"

Carey Bentley, CEO at Lifehack Method

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And not forgetting..

the human behind the formula

Hi, I’m Nikki - 


A launch + funnel copywriter + strategist for coaches, CEOs and consultants who wanna make bank, while helping people live their best damn lives.


I help online service-based businesses make more money from their scalable offers, without adding a ton of work to their plate – making things as easy as possible for my clients is my #1 priority.


Since starting my biz, I’ve learned a thing or 2 about helping online business owners make more money in a way that feels easy.


Big, full-blown launches only work when you’re super committed, full of launch energy, and have the time and resources to throw at them to make them work.


*And it’s not always realistic without a team, big ad spend, or sizeable audience.*


One of my longstanding launch clients has a chronic illness and we’ve worked together on countless low-lift launches that have brought in multiple 6 figures in the space of 1 year, to supplement the income from their evergreen funnels!


I’ve honed this into a repeatable process that I’ve since used with several other clients with similar success stories - including myself! They’re not special. I’ve made this as SIMPLE as possible so anyone can follow it. Seriously.


And I can’t wait to show you how it’s done…

Get on the waitlist here --

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I don't just talk the talk

I'm constantly learning and upping my game so your business is in good hands

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