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What is a copywriter?

A copywriter is someone who writes text for the purpose of marketing, selling or advertising. Copywriters can write everything from advert copy, blog posts and website content to newsletters, brochures and even the micro-copy that appears on your website’s error pages, buttons and menus. Copywriters are usually experts in using words efficiently, helping your message hit home and convert into sales, newsletter sign-ups and more. If you want your readers to take an action, then a copywriter writes the words that encourage them to take that action.


Do I really need to hire a copywriter?

In short, yes. If you want to make every word on your website go further then a copywriter is the right way to go. A good copywriter can engage your audience, convert sales and improve SEO and search rankings, all with the power of words. 


If you hire a web developer to create the perfect website, why spoil it with words that are anything less than perfect?


How much do you charge?

Every project is bespoke and while my rates are competitive, they depend on a number of factors, including:

  • The type of copy required (web page copy, blog posts, brochures etc)

  • The quantity of copy required - usually the larger the project, the better value each piece becomes

  • Whether you require original copy or editing of existing copy

  • How detailed the copy needed is and how specialist the topic

  • How detailed your brief is

  • Whether you need a full website analysis and suggestions for improvements

  • If you need SEO help, whether you have your own analytics and have done keyword research or need help with this


Every quote includes research and consultation, as well as two edits/re-writes to ensure you are happy with my work.


How do I get a quote?

Get in touch by email or phone and let me know more about what you need. The more detail you can provide the easier it is to help you. 


I usually prefer to talk on the phone to get a better understanding of what my clients need, but I do have an online form set up in case you prefer to work via email only.


If you don’t know exactly what you need then I can still help and am happy to provide my own suggestions about what will work to help you reach your goals.


Can I see some of your work first?

Of course! Please see my portfolio. For examples of other types of copywriting that may not be featured yet, please drop me a line and I’ll be happy to send you some more examples of my work.


Do I need to pay upfront for copywriting work?

I take 50% upfront for any project. The remaining 50% is taken within 7 days of completion, unless agreed otherwise. If a re-write or edit is required, then I will take the final payment when the second edit is completed. (Two edits are included in the initial quote).

If for any reason a third re-write or edit is required (although this is unheard of!) then I would take full payment after the second edit and provide a second quote for any further work required.


What copywriting services do you offer?

See my service list. For anything else you may need, let me know as this list only covers the most popular requests and is not exhaustive.


How long will the copywriting work take?

Every project is different so I provide a timeframe on quoting. I work quickly but this can also depend on how much other work I have on at the time. 


If you have an urgent deadline, please let me know and I will be honest about whether this is achievable and do my best to prioritise accordingly.


What if I can’t afford a copywriter?

There are a lot of tips online for writing good copy. If you can’t afford to pay for copywriting services after a consultation then I am happy to provide some recommendations which may help. I don’t work for free as I have bills to pay but I do believe that everyone deserves to have the best copy for their website.

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